The Best First Aid Kits for Every Occasion

First Aid KitsYou never know when an injury or accident might take place. For this reason, having a first aid kit nearby or with you at all times is a great idea.

They aren’t very expensive, and when the need for one arises, everyone involved with be extremely thankful you took the time and invested in the proper equipment.

Having a good first aid kit will ensure the patient/victim gets the essential care they need, and will also protect the first responder from any unnecessary risks.

Check out the best first aid kits for every occasion below.

Bottom Line:

Thinking ahead and purchasing a good first aid kit will make treating injuries much easier. Everyone involved will be thankful you took the time to think ahead.

Small First Aid Kit

Small First Aid KitSmall first aid kits are nice for a lot of reasons, and if you buy the right one you’ll have all the essentials needed to treat a wide variety of injuries.

This compact small first aid kit here is great for camping, traveling, survival, boating, your car, or for your home. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and is very lightweight, so if you did want to throw it in a backpack you would hardly even notice it’s there.

The Tripworthy Company put a lot of thought into this product. It is made with high quality medical grade supplies for emergency or survival situations. It was also manufactured in a FDA-approved facility, and the company has a satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not happy with this small first aid kit, Tripworthy says they will “make it right.”

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Large First Aid Kit

Large First Aid KitHaving a large first aid kit will ensure you’ll have everything you need to treat a wide array of injuries.

This large first aid kit here is made by the leading first aid kit manufacturer in the United States and includes a comprehensive list of aid items.

Its great multi-layer design and tilting interior compartments make quick access and refills easy.

Its sturdy plastic case is impact and water resistant. It has latches that make opening and reclosing the case very easy, and ensures the case will not open unexpectedly. This product exceeds OSHA and ANSI guidelines for 100 people.

This case contains everything you’ll need to clean, treat, and protect wounds. For a list of supplies included and pricing information check out the Get Smart Get Prepared Large First Aid Kit through the link above.

It’s also a first aid kit you can mount the wall, so you can display it in an area where everyone will know where it is.

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First Aid Kit for Car

First Aid Kit for CarHaving a car first aid kit can really come in handy if you’re in an accident, or just happen to find yourself as a first responder. This kit has a wide variety of bandages and supplies to properly treat wounds you might encounter after a car accident.

This car first aid kit is small and will easily fit into your center console, under the seat, or in the glove compartment. It’s very inexpensive, and you can just stick it in your car. Hopefully you’ll never need it, but if you do you’ll be glad you thought ahead.

The kit has a 4-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can rest assured everything in the kit will stay ready to use until June 2020.

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First Aid Kit Refills

First Aid Kit RefillPurchasing First Aid Kit Refills is a good way to make sure you’ll have everything you need to treat injuries.

Too often people use items in their kit and do not replace them. There are some items in your first aid kit that will get used more often than others. What good is a first aid kit if you have already used all the most important items?

Purchasing a first aid refill kit will ensure your kit is always ready, and you’ll be able to keep its contents full and up to date.

First aid refill supplies are especially nice if you have a large expensive first aid kit. You don’t want to buy an entire new kit when a just few supplies are running low.

This package has all the most used items, including adhesive dressings, various sizes of bandages, dressing pads, sterile gauze pads, facemasks, gloves, tweezers, scissors, medical tape, safety pins, antiseptic cleansing wipes, and more.

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First Aid Kit for Kids

First Aid Kit for KidsHaving a first aid kit for kids is a great idea for moms or parents on the go. It easily fits into bags or purses. It comes equipped with all the tools and supplies needed to treat common injuries kids experience, such as tweezers, thermometer strips, antibacterial wipes, gauze pads, burn cream, tape, and bandages for knees and fingers.

It has a kid friendly look and feel. Kids also love the fun looking bandages and overall design.

Its supplies and contents are manufactured by the top first aid brands out there. The kit separates items into organized compartments, so you can easily access individual items you’ll need. You can find the kids first aid kit I recommend here.

It also has a 100 percent money back grantee. If you for any reason are not happy with your purchase, send it back for full refund.

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Pocket First Aid Kit

Pocket First Aid KitThis small pocket first aid kit has all the essentials you’ll need to treat common injuries. It was created by travelers for travelers.

Bratpacker Gear designed this kit for their own international travel due to the lack of similar products on the market.

The small, lightweight, and waterproof design is 4 inches by 6 inches.

It is designed to take up as little room as possible in your bag or pocket, which reduces the chance it will get crushed or damaged during travel.

This pocket first aid kit also has a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not totally satisfied with this product, send it back for a no questions asked refund.

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First Aid Backpack

First Aid BackpackThis backpack for first responders is used by EMS, Police, Firefighters, and others.

It is made with a strong polyester material that is built to last. It has a tarplain reinforced bottom with molded feet, making it extremely durable.

Its internal mesh divides are customized so first responders can quickly access any gear they might need.

The zipper pockets located on the sides of the first aid backpack allow you to store a trauma bag or water. The lock ready zippers also safely secure the contents inside the bag.

The backpack was made with comfort in mind. It has mesh foam padding covering the lower back and shoulder area, ensuring you’ll be comfortable even if you must wear this backpack for long periods.

The backpack has reflective boarders and ID windows on individual dividers for extra visibility. To read customer reviews and pricing options for the Ergodyne First Responder Backpack click the link above.

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First Aid IFAK Kit

IFAK First Aid KitIf you’re looking for an individual first aid kit (IFAK kit), the one here is a great option. Weighing in at less than a pound, this IFAK kit is great to put inside a backpack or to molly on the side of your pack.

The Northbound Train First Aid kit was designed by a US Marine with survival in mind. It is used by tens of thousands who adventure responsibly.

If you’re looking for a first aid kid with molle webbing to attach it to a belt loop or pack, this first aid IFAk kit is probably ideal for you.

It’s very inexpensive, and like many of the items on this list, comes with a money back guarantee. If you don’t like it, Northbound Train company will buy it back no questions asked. It also has a lifetime warranty!

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Waterproof First Aid Box

Waterproof First Aid BoxThis waterproof first aid box is great for anyone that needs to keep their supplies safe from rain or water. It’s great for boating, or anyone that lives in an area with the risk of flooding or hurricanes.

The orange design is easy to find and find and comes with a built-in compass and signaling mirror. Its triple latch with O-ring seal ensures water will not ruin the first aid supplies inside the container.

Its small design is extremely durable and also makes a good geocaching container due to its ability to withstand hardship.

The box also meets TSA guidelines for a lockable ammunition travel case.

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Waterproof First Aid Kit for Boating

First Aid Kit for BoatingI’ve been on many boating trips where it was a good thing we had a boating first aid kit ready. I can think of one time we didn’t, and my brother had to hold my other brothers chin together while we road back to shore so he could get stitches at a nearby hospital.

This vinyl waterproof first aid kit for boating is full of hospital grade medical supplies (126 items)  to treat the most likely boating injuries. It also has a reflective and red cross logo for additional safety.

It’s also a good kit for camping, sports, or just to keep around the house.

This first aid kit that is waterproof complies with ANSI and OSHA standards for most situations, and is manufacture in a FDA registered company that has been in business for over 40 years.


What is First Aid?

First aid is medical care given immediately after an injury occurs around where the injury occurred. It is usually thought of as the first care given, and often involves only preliminary care before the victim can receive more advanced care. In some cases, however, first aid will be the only care necessary to insure. It often includes the application of bandages, nonprescription medicine, removing debris, and/or drinking fluids. It is usually given by a first responder with little medical knowledge, and in some countries, there are guidelines on to what can be done.

What are Some First Aid Essentials?

As we said before, what items are “essential” really depends on what you are planning on using it for. Ensuring you have a variety of bandage sizes and the proper equipment to properly treat common injuries is very important. We have already listed what medical kits we think are the best for each occasion above. Refer to the section you are most interested in for more information.

What is the Best First Aid Kit?

Choosing the best first aid for you depends on how and where it is most likely to be used. For example, if you’re looking for a first aid kit for boating, it’s probably a good idea to get a kit that is waterproof and has all the necessary equipment to treat the most common boating injuries.

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